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4.- 9. March at Talacker 35


you will find a large selection of unique pieces from BELSTAFF PURE MOTORCYCLE in our Store.


22.11.2018 / 17h - 22h
DEUS POP UP Store & Cafe
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We organize moto events on a regular basis, and we also carry work from local artists, musicians, and other skillful friends to our agenda of events.


Saturday, September 8, 2018

Time to get dirty!

The cross-training will give you two things: a lot of fun an sore muscles. As a beginner, you will learn how to handle the bike in the dirt. If you are an advanced driver, we show you the best tricks, in order to make you literally fly over the track. Escape everyday life, and get into the dirt. The trac is marked on a field and is approach rideable even without previous off-road experience. Of course, the bike are provided also at this event, but you can also come with your own motorbike.
• Driving in the dirt
• Uncontrollable adrenaline 
• Drifting when braking and accelerating
By the way.. The practice and experience gained in the dirt proves to be very useful on the road. The track offers surprising opportunities to develop your driving skills. The dirt allows you to improve your handling of the motorbike in tricky situations (sliding, locking the wheels). 
No previous experience with off-road motorcycles is required for this course.

Price: 149.-



Start Riding with Girls on Bikes
Thursday, July 12, 2018
You sense that driving a motorbike might be something that you would like to try...
Would you like to know hat it rally feels like? You want to know from a professional what you should look for when buying a motorbike and equipment? Then you`ve the right plan!
You will be carefully instructed to motorcycling by certified specialists. But everything come to at your own pace. You will learn how a motorcycle works, what you have keep in mind when driving in traffic and we`ll give you the chance to do a first lp on private ground!
Duration: 3 hours (9-12am, 1-4pm or 5-8pm)
Language: German, if you a group of minimum 3 we can do it in English

Price CHF 150.-

Duration: 3 hours
Time: Slot 1: 9-12am
Slot 2: 1-4pm
Slot 3: 5-8pm

Location: Course area Mannhard, im Frevlig, 8155 Niderhasli


Deadline: 30.06.2018

Do I need to bring my own motorbike and equipment?

No, with the exception that you need to bring shoes that cover your ankles for protection purposes. All other equipment is provided.

Do I need a license?

No license is needed since we drive on private ground. All you need is some appetite for this small big adventure!

What do we do at this event?

On a parking lot we will practice the first essential steps with a motorbike. you will learn how to use the clutch, changing gears, some theory ans after 1,5 hours you will be driving the first meters on a bike.