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Liberty 125

Piaggio Liberty 125 IGet ABS 

Everything is new on the Liberty: the standard ABS system developed by Piaggio in collaboration with Bosch, the engine, the frame, the 16-inch front wheel and the LED daytime running lights.
The Liberty is handy, agile and offers maximum comfort and safety.
The version Liberty 125 iGet Sport * is available in the colors Red Met and Gray Titanio and is characterized by black high-gloss rims and red saddle seams (surcharge of CHF 250.-).

Engine: single cylinder 4-stroke
Cubic capacity: 124 cc Max.
Power: 8 KW at 7500 rpm
Max. Torque: 11 Nm / 6000 rpm
Transmission: Variomatic (CVT) with torque assist
Tank capacity: 6 liters (1.5 liter reserve)

NRG 50

Piaggio NRG 50 Power DD 

The supersport scooter by PIAGGIO radiates in sporty and aggressive design.
Top performance with minimal consumption, very good handling and excellent handling characterize it.

Engine: single cylinder 2 stroke
Cubic capacity: 49 cc
Max. Power: 4.6 KW at 8000 rpm Max.
Torque: 5.50 Nm at 7750 rpm
Transmission: CVT variator
Curb weight: 110kg Tank capacity: 6.5 liters

Beverly 350

Piaggio Beverly 350 ABS / ASR

The first Piaggio scooter equipped with ABS and ASR.
Thus, the elegant large scooter provides an invaluable plus in safety, especially in wet and poor road conditions.

Motor: single cylinder 4-stroke / 4V-OHC
Cubic capacity: 330 cc
Max. Power: 22.2 KW at 8250 rpm
Max. Torque: 29 Nm / 6250 rpm
Transmission: CVT variator with torque assist (stepless automat)
Tank capacity: 13 liters


Piaggio Wi-Bike Comfort Plus

"The Comfort Plus attracts everyone`s attention - the lines are elegant and elegant, while the Comfort Plus presents itself classic and elegant in a retro look.
Chrome, leather saddle and ergonomic handlebars combine comfort and classy design. The cream-colored tires stand out from the shiny black frame. Details that make all the difference and that make your Wi-Bike a stylish companion. "

Engine: 250 W (Samsung)
Power: 250W
Torque: 50 Nm
Top speed: 25 km/h
Range: 120 km in Eco mode
Charging time: 3.5 h